Knowledge is - the best charity, the best worship, crusade, jehad, dharmyuh, indicator of right & wrong, path of paradise, the best friend, the best entertainer, the best weapon, to elevate at the top, the real leader, the best advisor, the thing of angels, the best advocate, the best shortcut, the best resource, the real property. So one who wants to achieve all or any one of the above should acquire knowledge. Colleges are temples of knowledge so one who wants to achieve some thing should enter the college with the highest regad. There is proverb in persian "Ba adab ba naseeb - Be adab be naseeb".

Knowledge is not to be measured in terms of money rather it is the light of the Supreme Authority and one who wants to keep the belongings of the Highest Authority should refrain from sin. Knowledge is the left out property of Nabi, Wali, Rishi-Muni and one who is intrested in this must show the right to succeed it properly. We are fortunate enough to have connection with this but our responsibility is also very high. It is teacher who becomes happy on the success of its pupil after parents. So it is said "HAI MA BAP KA PAHLE RUTBA BARA - JO BAD UNKE HAQ HAI TO USTAD KA" but it is very unfortunate that some teachers are not sensitive towards students. Teacher should have the quality of potter who shapes the raw soil into beautiful pots. If a teacher does this, students are bound to respect that teacher. Where ever there is problem of strained relation between teacher and tought there is lack of sensitivity on teacher's part and in few cases some students who are not intrested in study and they want only degree and certificates they are not respectful but the real student has the quality of Eklavya. Let us resolve to build the India where merit & honesty will be the real thing of honour cutting the line of Religion, Caste, Creed, Place of birth, Language, Sex, Colour or any of them. Where we arise in the dawn, plan to facilitate others and when go in the field, work to serve the Nation and Humanity. When we return to the bed analyse the working of ours and lament over the deeds which has caused any loss to the Nation or Humanity. Let us resolve to eradicate corruption from our life and spread fraternity amongst Indians. Let us be Sweety in our Voice, Strong in our Duties, Liberal in our Rights, Dedicated in Serving the Nation & Humanity.
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