Discipline - Hostel Rules
These Rules shall apply to all students residing in the hostel of the University/ College and shall come into force from the Session 2012-13.
Search and Seizure
The Wardens have the right to search the rooms of any hostel resident and seize goods, materials and substances the possession of which are illegal or amount to an offence under the provisions of these Rules. No prior intimation is required to be given to the residents for such search and seizure.
Hostel timing and consequences of violation
  • All hostell residents are required to be present within the hostel premises by 9.00 pm. Please note that the hostel gate shall open only at 6.00 am in the morning, except in situations of emergency
  • Only in exceptional circumstances and with a written permission from the Warden, may a student be exempted from the aforementioned deadlines.
  • Any resident violating the abovementioned deadlines shall be fined an amount upto Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Rupees) and/or be suspended for 5 (five) working days from the hostel.
  • All hostel residents leaving the hostel premises during the day time shall make requisite entries both at the time of exit and entry, mentioning the time of exit from the premises and the time of entry into the premises in the Register maintained with the Warden for the said purpose.
  • Hostel residents, who wish to apply for leave of absence from the hostel during the weekends, gazetted holidays or otherwise, shall submit a written application to the Warden at least one day prior to the date from which such leave is being sought.
  • All applications for leave must be made only to the Warden. If any resident leaves his/her application with an unauthorized person, the absence shall be considered unauthorized and the defaulting resident shall be liable to a fine up to Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Rupees) and/or suspension for 5 (five) working days.
Meeting with Parents/Local Guardian
  • Parents/local guardians are allowed to visit their wards on campus during the visiting hours which would be between 2 pm and 7pm on weekdays and between 9 am and 7 pm on weekends and holidays.
  • Parents shall meet their wards in the common hall of the hostel and not in their rooms or other parts of the hostel.
  • Parents/local guardians may visit their wards beyond the visiting hours only with the prior permission of the Warden.
  • No person other than the local guardian/parent is allowed to meet a hostel resident, unless such person has a written authorization from the parent/guardian of the concerned student.
  • Residents are strictly prohibited from letting their visitors or any other person reside within the hostel premises without a prior written permission from the Warden. Violation of the same, shall invite strict action.
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